Bea Mackay, Ph.D., has been helping people reclaim their lives through individual, couples, and family therapy for over 30 years. She offers her clients clarity by getting back to the basics of connecting with the self—teaching them how to shift from managing their emotions to processing them.

Her book, The Power of Connection: How to Process Emotion in Turbulent Times, the companion book to Let Go of the Outcome and Let Things Fall Together, focuses primarily on helping people deal with their emotions during turbulent times, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been called “a user’s guide to the human experience” by Charlie Bowman, president of the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute, and “an owner’s manual to help the reader better understand the mysterious and essential part of our being that is our emotional life” by Lindsay Stewart, social worker. Dr. Mackay is also a senior trainer with Gestalt Vancouver in her city of residence, Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Bea

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