An Exception to the Rule: This Bride Wore Red

Recently, I went to my friends’ wedding. They had been living together for about five years. The story of their relationship is unusual and deeply romantic.

A mutual friend introduced them to each other. After only 15 days and less than a total of 24 hours of contact during those 15 days they moved in together. Everyone thought they were crazy. I thought they were foolish. It seemed like a recipe for relationship disaster.

Almost from the moment they met they have been in love with each other, one a little more quickly than the other. Whenever we saw them together we could see how they adored each other. I saw them fight once. Their fighting is passionate too yet their relationship never looked to be in jeopardy. Over the the five years their love grew and then deepened. We all watched it happening and marveled. To me, their love for each other is almost palpable.

This is not a young couple. Each has been married before and each has children from a first marriage. One is a grandparent. Their new relationship has not always been easy. One suffered a life threatening illness and they faced it together.

For me, this couple reminds me of the magic that can happen between two people. It is not so unusual to fall in love so quickly but it is unusual to move in together so soon. I would never recommend it. However, for this couple it has worked. They prove that it is possible.

This couple also remind me that deep love can happen at any age. Love is not just for the young. It reminds me that love can happen more than once in a lifetime. When I see it happen it is proof that it’s possible. It’s not just a fairy tale.

The bride was gorgeous in her long strapless red dress. She already had this fabulous red dress and did not want to spend money on a new dress. She loves red and looks stunning in it. She is a passionate woman. Her unusual choice was fitting for this couple and for the story of their romance.


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