Relationships and Stress

Obviously there are many potential factors that can bring turmoil to a relationship. And often these factors are connected, and they can feed and fuel each other. This phenomenon is clearly explored in an article at the

The HELPGUIDE is a non-profit website and it is an excellent resource for health, family and relationship issues. To find the article in question, go to Relationship Help in the Topic Menu and then click on Managing Relationship Stress. This will take you to the article, Dealing with Relationship Stress: How to stay calm and communicate better. (There is a link to the article at the bottom of this post.)

Through a series of short examples the reader is quickly shown how stress can damage a relationship. But the article doesn’t stop here with the obvious; it then goes into specific details about how stress affects your nervous system and your ability to communicate. Once reading about this if you’re not motivated into dealing with stress the article offers an additional list of a few other great benefits that come when you learn how to manage stress.

One way of managing stress is developing the ability to remain calm while you’re in it. The question is how? I particularly like how the article explores this. It provides you with a thorough list of the many qualities that make up a calm state of being.

To continue developing the skill of managing stress the article looks at some common responses to it. The article then encourages you to look at what your personal stress response pattern is. There is a small quiz available to help you find this.

A concise and empowering article and I highly recommend it. You can enjoy it by following this link, Managing Stress.

DM, Contributor

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