Post holiday relationship blues: some resources.

In the growing-longer-days of January people often take note of what they have been ignoring in the time before the holidays. Gathering together with family and friends can put in your face things you’ve been trying to avoid – like your relationship issues. With the beginning of a new year people are often motivated to make changes in their relationships and are looking for sources of good information.

Here are several websites that can be helpful when you are looking for relationship advice and relationship help. There is a site called Family in the UK,, which has articles on many aspects of relationships. Right now its home page has an article titled You will survive! Don’t let a break up poison your future. There is another site called, Canadian Family, that has articles on relationships and family issues. Go to, click on family life and then relationships. Even a health related site, such as, gives valuable tips on how to improve your relationship. Go to the site and search it using relationships as your key word.

The marvel of the Internet is the volume of information that is at your fingertips. The curse of the Internet is that much of the information is of little value. We’re happy to provide some directions to sites that are worthwhile.

Dr. Bea Mackay and Dr. Warren Weir

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