My Egyptian Holiday (part 1)

My Egyptian Holiday:

In November I went on a holiday to Egypt with 7 friends. We had been planning it for some time. We were supposed to go in 2006 but had to postpone it because not everyone could go.

We had a wonderful time. We had a packed itinerary that enabled us to see many important monuments and places.

It is amazing what the Egyptians created in those times with the tools that they had. It’s one thing to look at photos of monuments and it’s another to stand beside them, to touch them and in many ways, experience them. When I stood beside the massive columns of granite in their perfection I was even more astonished that they could do what they did.

Did you know that Luxor has 25% of all the monuments in the world? That’s what our guide told us.

In the Valley of the Kings we toured four tombs, one of which was King Tutankhamun tomb. We saw his mummy, which had only been on display for about two months.

I wrote some vignettes about my experiences. I’ll add them here.


Dr. Bea Mackay

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