Most breakups happen in November and January

I noticed today, January 2, 08, that MSN’s home page has an article for relationship help titled “Beating the breakup blues”.

People break up in all months of the year but November and January have the highest rate. Why? The holiday season is all about family. If you are content in your relationship then you probably look forward celebrating it with your spouse and getting together with nuclear and extended family. If you are very unhappy then you may not want to, or be able to, pretend throughout the holidays. Also, when you see couples that are happy with each other, you hurt even more. Either people cannot face the holiday season because of their troubled relationship or they decide to wait until afterwards. Usually, waiting is for the kids but often, it is for the parents and oneself.

Breakups do not happen overnight. Usually, they have been brewing for months, even years. Often couples break up and reconcile several times before they either finally develop a good working relationship that helps to consolidate their relationship or, they break up permanently. Many couples seek relationship advice from self-help sources and couples therapy before they break up and/or reconcile.

For those of you who have broken up there are some tips in this article on what to do recover faster in a healthy way. It mentions that keeping busy and not focusing on the relationship will help prevent going into a depression. It also recommends avoiding isolation by reaching out to family, friends, and counselors. Go to and type ‘Beating the breakup blues’ into their search window.

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  1. jean says:

    I had something quite different happen to me this holiday season. I got together with someone who I wouldn’t usually be attracted to at all. I was wondering if that was normal due to the loneliness accompanied by the holidays. i found your website and it helped me tremendously.