I’m back! Time for me to continue blogging.

It’s been awhile. Let me explain my absence. I’d written a manual for therapists on how to work with client’s who are conflicted with self or others. In February 2011, I found a publisher, Gerda Wever, founder of Writeroompress Press. Once we agreed to work together, the work began in ernest.

I already had two workshop proposals, based upon the material of my manual, accepted for the World Congress of Psychotherapy to be held in Sydney, Australia in August, 2011. Gerda believed we could have the book published in time for me to take with me to the conference. I really liked having a deadline.

There was still editing to be done on the manual. I continued to work with my editor whom I’d been working with prior to finding Gerda. I was working full time yet had to spend a lot of time editing and re-writing the manual. I worked late nights and went to work in the days. I had done this when I was at university and didn’t think I’d be able to do it again. But having a deadline is very motivating, so I was up for it. I really wanted to have the book to take with me to the conference. I was working on right up to the time I left on the plane.

I was so busy that something had to go. It was blogging that I put on hold.

Next post, why it took me so long to get back.

With care and concern,

Dr. Bea

One Response to “I’m back! Time for me to continue blogging.”

  1. Robyn Schmidt says:

    Welcome Back Bea!
    I have missed your blogs – they contain so much valuable insight into things that occur almost on a daily basis, or at least very frequently. I always find something that I can share with someone experiencing just what you are blogging about. Congrats on your book – I really enjoy(ed) it, as did the two doctors whom I gifted a copy to!