Communication, Communication.

We all know communication is important and vitally important to our relationships. Whether it is a work relationship, a family relationship or the relationship with our significant other, being able to communicate, being able to understand and to be understood, is so very important. It is no wonder that when this essential quality falters relationship troubles begin. How to regain your “communication footing” is examined in a section titled Communication Gaps at the website

I hesitate to say, “the article titled Communication Gaps” because this website presents the information on its various subjects in a pleasantly unique way. When you look under Relationships on the home page, and then click on Communication Gaps, you are taken to not just one article on the subject, but rather to a well rounded look at the subject through a variety of communication forms. I thought this was beautifully reflective of the subject matter. As it turns out, all the subjects in the Troublewith site are explored in this unique and effective communication style.

Once at the page you see the official title is, Communication Gaps in Marriage, but after reading you’ll see the information is pertinent to any loving relationship. Progressing down the page, the first subsection you come to is called Background Info and through a story and short essay the context of the subject is brought into focus. The next subsection is called Questions and Answers, and as you would expect it explores the subject of communication through this format. Sometimes this format can be a little “dry” but I found both the questions and answers to be very well crafted and the information given was nicely linked with the previous subsection.

After the Questions and Answers comes the Stories. Through four short stories, some may even call them personal essays, communication problems are explored. This way of looking at the subject matter is both engaging and easy to understand. As well as being insightful, these stories also have the additional quality of inspiring the reader. Relationship troubles can be discouraging and the motivation to try and resolve them can wane quickly if progress doesn’t seem to be taking place. By reading about the success of others the determination and the resolve to continue can be reawakened in you.

Following Stories comes the last subsection titled Other Things to Consider. The stories here look at other factors that can contribute to communication problems, and relationship troubles in general. A nice reminder that many factors make a relationship successful and paying attention to them is well worth the effort.

Although the way the subject matter is presented takes a little longer to explore, I found this a nice change from the “text book style” that is often used on other sites. I recommend you take a look for yourself, Communication Gaps.

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